Big Guy All-Stars Lead Little River

By Jason Broadfoot

The Little River Redskins completed a very successful season with a deep run into the playoffs and 12 wins overall including an undefeated regular season. Now, in eight man football it is very easy to become enamored by the athletes running in the open fields. But, those guys need help to open up the field for their offense, or on the other side of the ball prevent that from happening.

A lot of teams can put up big numbers offensively in eight man football, but to get as far as Little River did this past year, a team usually needs a defense that is up to the task as well and the Redskins had that and then some. Kaden Schafer led the way defensively for a team that gave up either one or zero scores seven times during their undefeated regular season including three shutouts. Opposing ballcarriers got to know Schafer often as he had 72 tackles. Often those ballcarriers hosted Schafer in their own backfield as he had 15 tackles for loss including 3.5 sacks. Kaden was looking forward to meeting and playing with some different players this week.

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Kyle Bruce was also a force for the Redskin defense. Bruce had 3.5 sacks on the season while spending a good amount of time in opposing backfields with eight tackles for loss. Kyle knows what it takes to compete for and win state titles at the 8-man level, and with that comes some intense rivalries whether locally or with teams in the playoffs. Kyle also mentions that he is looking forward to meeting the guys underneath the pads and helmets during this All-Star process.

Carter Holloway paved the way for his teammates to score often during his time at Little River.Β  He allowed others to put up big numbers on the stat sheet such as over 4,000 total yards and over 80 touchdowns as an offense. Carter and his two All-Star teammates selflessly just put on the big jersey numbers and took care of any obstacles on the way to the end zone for the Redskins during his career. Holloway states that commitment to his brothers and the continued success of his team helped him get to this point.

The Little River Redskin trio will be in action this Saturday, June 11th in the 37th Annual 8-Man All-Star Game. The Division I game will start at 10:00 a.m. For more information such as full rosters or where you can listen to the game, log onto

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