Marysville City Council Meeting Notes – 6/14/2021

The Marysville City Council met Monday. Discussions were lengthy during a nearly four-hour meeting and included a presentation of options for extending and updating the city sewer lagoons. KDHE has mandated action by October of 2023, and an engineer representative with BG Consultants outlined possible considerations, including opening a new cell, and creating a wetlands basin. He did not provide a set cost, but offered funding options of issuing bonds, applying for Community Block Development Grant funds which would generally be matched by the City, and low interest loans, which could include a partial grant option if criteria were met. He suggested returning to Council to determine preferred direction for moving forward on planning the project.

Terry Foust spoke of concerns with trucks using Jake brakes coming into town. It was noted that signs are posted, and an ordinance is on the books, but has not been enforced. No decisions were made, but the issue was revisited later in the meeting. Vicky Gross spoke of her objection to storage containers in residential areas and suggested that the council adopt a planning and zoning recommendation not to allow placement of storage containers. A moratorium is currently in place. An economic development incentive was approved for removal of a structure at 210 Jenkins. Issues with the sound system downtown were considered at length, and policy with regard to the swimming pool operation during cold weather. Diane Schroller argued at length for allowing morning swim and swim team practice, regardless of outdoor temperature. Later in the meeting, council approved $23,000 for a new heater element for the pool.

A single bid from Inline Construction for concrete on South 11th Road from the current concrete south to Keating Drive came in at $188,000, below the engineers cost estimate of $202,000. An option of adding 3” overlay on South 12th Road near Hometown Lumber brought concern from several council members that the temporary fix would be short lived. Estimates were provided. Consensus was to work toward better long-term options.

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Options for fireworks were presented, with a recommendation that a July 4th show be suspended in favor of a display in August, in conjunction with the Boss Nationals Event and Wall that Heals display planned in August. Issues with licensed operators, pick up and lack of storage for the fireworks were brought up as concerns. Sterling Clark has indicated interest in becoming licensed, so as to be available for managing future shows. Considering logistics and late timing, councilman Parker Price suggested holding off on either show this year, which was consensus of the council. They would like to work toward a show again next year.

A budget workshop is scheduled for June 30th, 6 pm. The City general fund has dipped below $1 million but should increase with a County distribution due in June. Sales tax proceeds increased, in line with the most recent round of stimulus payments issued by the federal government. Approval was given for the mayors’ recommendation for Christine Wheeler to replace Marilee Scheele on the Library board, and extend Ali Busch for a second term. An executive session for discussion of real estate acquisition was held.

At their previous meeting, approval was given to proceed with a $275,000 bid to replace lighting at Feldhausen Field, with an additional cost of $14,000 for installation, and up to $4,000 for electrical upgrades required. Local financing will be sought to immediately fund the project.

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