Marysville City Council Meeting Notes – 5/11/2020

The Marysville City Council met Monday. Parker Price was sworn in a councilman for Ward 1, replacing Gina Graham who had resigned previously. The term extends through November 2023.

Potential acquisition of property at 101 S. 4th raised discussion, as Diane Schroller spoke against the prospect, noting that adequate property adjacent to the Elm Street shop is available to add storage and shop buildings. She asked why the city would buy additional property and expressed concern that an existing house would go off the tax rolls. The mayor countered that there was not adequate room to build, and any additions would be smaller buildings. Bobbi Pippia noted that the asking price for the property could increase and suggested that the property should be taken when available. Following discussion, a move to approve purchase the property with funds currently set aside passed on a 5-3 motion, with Schroller, Terry Hughes, and Todd Frye voting no.

Approval for re-opening city owned facilities resulted in a lengthy discussion. Differing opinions were heard on opening playgrounds, opening the swimming pool, and when to allow ball practice.

Recommendations include Phase 1 with social distancing and groups of only 10 people or less through May 17th, then expanding to groups of 30 through May 30th. Phase 3 bumps up the groups to 90 or less an runs from June 1st to June 15th.

All 3 phases include social distancing and cleaning guidelines.

The plan for opening city facilities is as follows:

  • City Hall/Police Department: Not before June 1.
  • Recreation/Ball Complex: Limited practice before June 1st, First game June 15th.
  • Museum: Not before June 5th.
  • Park bathrooms/Playgrounds: Not before June 15th.
  • Pool: Not before June 19th, pending staffing availability/certification.
  • Open Council meetings may resume in June.

These are in compliance with the governor’s plans, allowing options for changes as needed.

City financials show the general fund is about $95k lower than a year ago. Major expenses include the purchase of AED’s, repairing the City Park playground, and the increase in insurance premium. The water fund is also lower, also due in part to insurance costs. The sewer fund continues to increase, and the sales tax fund decreased after construction of ADA ramps was completed.

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