Gage Co. Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes – 5/8/19

The Gage County Board of Supervisors met on May 8, 2019, at 8:45 a.m. with Terry Jurgens, John Hill, Matt Bauman, Erich Tiemann, Eddie Dorn, Dennis Byars and Gary Lytle present.

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Notice of said meeting was posted at the County Clerk’s Office and published prior to the meeting in compliance with State Statutes.

Let the record show that all proceedings are electronically recorded.

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Pledge of Allegiance recited.

Chairman Tiemann announced that a complete copy of the Open Meetings Act is posted at the back of the Board of Supervisors Room.

Consent Agenda included the following items: General Agenda; Minutes from previous meeting and committee meetings; claims audit in the amount of $542,404.22; approve correspondence received and place on file; Approve reappointing Steve Norton, 1320 Doyle Lane, Beatrice, NE to another term on the Gage County Veterans’ Service Committee, expiring July, 2024; approve Register of Deeds Fees Report & District Court Summary fee report for the month of April, 2019; approve Utility Permit #1125 to Windstream Nebraska LLC. – will be plowing in 5½ miles of fiber cable 4’ deep in the grader ditch, 32’ from center of road. Will bore 1.25” innerduct minimum of 4’ below culverts and road intersections. The project starts at Hwy. 77 and W. Linden road and goes East on Linden road and Linden drive for 5 miles, then North on 2nd street in Holmesville for ½ mile to East Linden road. Located in Sections SE/SW¼ of 22, 23; NW¼ Sec. 25; SE/SW¼ Sec 25 (Riverside Twp.) & SE/SW¼ Sec. 30, SE/SW¼ Sec. 29, NE¼ Sec. 29, SE¼ Sec. 20 (Rockford Twp.); approve Utility Permit #1126 to Windstream Nebraska LLC – will be plowing in 2300’ pf BFC 50-22 cable, 5’ deep, 32’ from the center of the road in the East ditch of S 148th Rd. Will Bore 2” diameter 5’ deep under Oak street & S. 148th Rd. Located in the NW¼ Sec. 27 T-6N R-8E (Adams Twp.); approve Utility Permit #1127 to Windstream Nebraska LLC – will be plowing in 700’ of fiber cable 4’ deep in the West grader ditch 28’ from center of road. Will bore 2” diameter 6’ below bottom of Gage Rd. for 66’. Located in the NE¼ of Sec. 2 T-6N R-6E (Highland Twp.); approve Specs and call for bids on Sheriff’s Office Remodel project. Bids to be opened June 19, 2019 at 9:30 a.m.

General Fund Description Amount Allowed
Courthouse Employees Salaries 134,090.01
Advanced Auto Dealers Shf website maint. 29.00
Arby’s Ext. Bd. mtg lunch 70.00
Beatrice Board of Public Works Utilities 3972.64
Beatrice Humane Society Qrtrly funding 4250.00
Behavioral Medicine Clinic, PC Evaluation 440.00
Charles Bentjen, Atty Atty fees 2493.00
Black Hills Energy Utilities 295.21
CBM Managed Services Jail meal svc. 2876.45
Charm-Tex, Inc. Janitorial suppl. 89.11
Charter Comm. Vet’s internet, Shf. cable 254.04
Clerk of District Court St. & svc. fees 911.45
County Court Jurors Juror fees 1360.50
Culligan of Lincoln Water cooler 47.75
DAS St. Accntng Cntrl Fin 6506 AFIS chgs. 184.72
Dawson Co. Sheriff Boarding inmates 12,240.00
Dept. of Corr. Svcs. Boarding inmates, medical 15,189.22
Eakes Office Solutions Office furniture, supplies 236.21
Echo Group LED & fluor. bulbs 2167.35
Gage Co. Court Court costs 4281.75
Gage Co. Detention Petty Cash Tubs for inmate property 250.00
Gage Co. MAPS Juvenile svc. & justice grants 21,036.94
Homestead Auto Glass Veh. repair 325.00
Hometown Leasing Copier lease Co Atty 138.82
IAPE Mbrshp. 50.00
Infinisource Monthly admin fees 114.00
Keating, O’Gara et al Prof. legal svcs. 11,428.00
Konica Minolta EM & Ext Offc copies 1829.54
Lammel Plumbing, Inc. Parts, labor 274.67
Lepant Law Office Atty fees 1305.00
Lexington Regional Health Center Inmate medical 135.56
MIPS, Inc. Treas. checks 244.20
NACO Mtg. registr. 35.00
NE Assn. of Co. Clks, ROD, EC Wkshp. registr. 250.00
Nestor & Mercure Atty fees 481.50
Noakes Atty A/C repair 175.60
Northeast Auto Veh. tow 260.00
O’Keefe Elevator Co. Elevator maint. 221.01
Rita Olberding Transcripts 181.39
Paper Tiger Doc schredding Prob. Offc. 35.00
Pictometry Intl. Corp. Software lic. 1650.00
Quill – Det. Offc. supplies 80.37
Quill – Ext. Offc. supplies 76.13
Radiology Associates Inmate medical 336.45
Ramada, Kearney Lodging 348.00
Region V Systems EPC billing 6685.00
SMPC, LLC Assr. server host 235.00
Stephen Kraviec, PC LLO Child Suppt. Enf. Atty. 2218.46
Nicole Stoner Ext. Offc. car tire repair 16.00
The Physician Network Inmate medical 65.57
The Wymore Arbor State Publications, Atty subscr. 611.37
Lee Timan Public Defender 5730.77
U.S. Bank, Purchase Cards Supplies, meals, etc. 1271.05
U.S. Postal Svc. – Neopost Postage for meter 15,000.00
Valentino’s Juror meals 75.46
Van Diest Supply Co. Weed chemicals 560.68
Verizon Wireless phones 1184.92
Vivial Phone book listing 25.20
Voice News Publications 154.99
WalMart Prob. supplies 53.14
Westlake Hardware Towels, sand paper, stain 146.63

Road Fund
Highway Department Employees Salaries 47,721.85
Beatrice Concrete Sand & Gravel Gravel 49,130.64
Caterpillar Fin. Svcs. Corp. Lease pmt. 4350.00
Cather & Sons Construction Asphalt 6442.80
City of Wymore Utilities 182.50
Constellation Utilities 58.62
Dultmeier Sales, LLC Hose assy 65.50
Echo Group Pliers 49.69
Fastenal Paint, washers, supplies 75.85
Mainelli Wagner & Assoc. Engineering consulting 22,241.28
Schwarz Paper Co. Cloth, tissue 127.00
The Wymore Arbor State Publication 56.20
Thimm Farms, Inc. Oats 304.50
Tractor Supply Bolts, tools, supplies 144.77
U.S. Auto Force Tires 2336.14
WalMart Camera, batteries, supplies 320.62
Westlake Hardware Bolts, shovel 35.19

Visitors Promotion Fund
Beatrice Area Chamber of Commerce Lodging tax 3723.87

Insurance Fund
Cypress Benefit Administrator Ins. premiums, admin. fees 27,673.08
Gage Co. Health Insurance Employee health ins. claims paid 50,910.62

General Fund
Ameritas County share of Employees Retirement 9,282.41
Security First Bank Co. share of Empl. Soc. Sec. & Medicare 9,638.37
Gage County Clerk – Health Plan Co. share of Empl. health insurance 28,547.20

Road Fund
Ameritas County share of Employees Retirement 3,221.18
Security First Bank Co. share of Empl. Soc. Sec. & Medicare 3,511.71
Gage County Clerk – Health Plan Co. share of Empl. health insurance 11,295.30

Motion made by Bauman, seconded by Lytle to approve the consent agenda with discussion on item #10. Dave Jones spoke on the specs for the Sheriff’s remodel project.

Tiemann asked for clarification on item #8 with Hwy Supt. Galen Engel stating that the “pf” following “plowing in 2300’ could be removed. Tiemann also noted that in the specs for the Sheriff’s remodel, the date and time for bids to be returned and where to be returned needed corrected which will be done in a separate motion, and this motion will be to approve items 1-9 with the correction to #8. Motion carried 7-0.

Tiemann called for motion on item #10 with a correction to the last paragraph in the specs to read “due no later than 9:30 a.m. on June 19, 2019 and may be mailed directly to or hand delivered to the Gage County Clerk’s Office, 612 Grant Street, PO Box 429, Beatrice NE 68310”.

Motion made by Bauman, seconded by Byars to approve agenda item #10 with the changes made as stated to the date and time bids are to be received and where the bids should be mailed/delivered. Motion carried 7-0.

No public present for comments or request for future agenda items.

Committee reports were given by Dave Jones on Bldg. & Grounds/Winter Lights, Jurgens on Finance/Insurance and Road and Bridge.

Veterans Service Officer Phil Dittbrenner appeared before the board to introduce the May Veterans Honor Award recipient, but first thanked Trudy from the Kensington for her efforts in seeing that the veterans from there are able to come to the meetings to receive their awards. Phil then introduced the May honor recipient, Marlyn Cullison, who served in the U.S. Army from January 11, 1951 to January 10, 1955. Cullison was a corporal with Company C in the 25th Armored Engineering Battalion, 6th Armored Division, and spent 2 years and 11 months of his service time in Germany, ending at the 51st Ordinance Company outside Stuttgart, Germany. Cullison also added that he was with the National Guard for almost 3 years and was a Sergeant when he came out of there. He earned an Army Occupation Medal for Germany and a National Defense Service Medal. Cullison thanked the board for this award and said he appreciated it, and that he was proud to serve his country. Tiemann stated that even after Cullison returned from the service, he continued to serve in other ways such as the Boy Scouts where Tiemann earned his Eagle Scout status under the leadership of Cullison.

Paul Hay spoke to the board about applying for a Tire Amnesty Grant and the authorization to make the application for the grant in 2020. The grant would be asking for a proposed 37,000 pounds of tires.

Motion made by Byars, seconded by Hill to authorize making an application for the Tire Amnesty Grant. Motion carried 7-0.

Sheriff Millard Gustafson presented the 4th quarter reports for the Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center and Bryan Davidson presented the quarterly report for the Courthouse Screening Station.

Motion made by Lytle, seconded by Bauman to receive the reports and place them on file. Motion carried 7-0.

No action was taken on the agenda item to send letter to City of Wymore with intent to terminate lease agreement between the City of Wymore and Gage County on the Blue Springs tower/small building located in or near Wymore.

Motion made by Lytle, seconded by Bauman to adjourn meeting at 9:42 a.m. Motion carried 7-0.

Chairman declared Board of Supervisors meeting adjourned at 9:42 a.m. until May 22, 2019.

Board minutes can also be viewed on the Gage County website at

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