Cawker City Council Meeting-January 9

Some of the highlights from the recent Cawker City Council Meeting held on January 9th, 2019.

PUBLIC COMMENT & SCHEDULED VISITORS:  Terry Cunningham was present to share a letter from the Osborne City Golf course.   They were wanting to discuss discounts on golf memberships if you were a member at more than one course.   Terry stated that he had tried to contact the Osborne course but had not been able to reach them for further discussion.  Consensus of council was to gather more information and figure out what impact it would have on our Golf memberships.   Terry also reported that they would be holding their annual golf meeting on Feb. 27 at 7:00 p.m. at the Cawker City office.   Rollin Roth stated that he had been approached about golf members possibly making monthly payments on their golf memberships through their city utility bill.  Consensus of the council was not to allow this. Terry Cunningham then asked council if they would like to make a donation to the Waconda Baseball program.   L. Wiese made a motion to donate $500.00 towards supplies for the summer program.  C. Eberle seconded.  Motion carried 4 AYES   Cunningham thanked the city and reported on the successful season the team had last year.

CITY EMPLOYEES REPORT:                                                                                                                                                                      D. Reling:   Reling reported that the City needed to look into better ways to maintain the unpaved streets in town.  Council suggested several options and asked Reling to check on them and report back to council at the next meeting. Reling stated that he would like to do some dirt work around the new Christmas tree site and council stated to move forward with bringing in dirt.  The brown truck is needing tires.  J. Cornely made a motion to get 4 new tires from R & D repair.   L. Wiese seconded.   Motion carried   4 AYES   Reling stated that they were needing to replace the tool box in the shop, council asked him to get prices for the February meeting.   Reling gave a brief report on some street repairs and the cost of material.  He will bring more information  to the February meeting.

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Mick notified the council that she was needing to add more anti-virus protection to the Cities four computers, she presented a quote from Nex-tech of $20.00 a month.  J. Cornely made a motion to add this anti-virus protection from Nex-tech at $20.00 a month.   L. Wiese seconded.   4 AYES.     Mick reported that the speed limit signs hadn’t sold and council advised her to relist them.   Mick asked Mayor Linton and council members Duskie and Wiese to come into the office on January 14 to be sworn into their new 2-year terms.   Mick stated that the council needs to be looking to the future on how we are going to take care of some major city expenses.   Several options would be to up the City mill or possibly put a City sales tax in place.   Both the items would have to be presented on an election ballot.  She asked them to look over the information for future discussion.



  1. City Clerk Mick presented a proposal on the City water rates for the council to review. She stated that she had reviewed the proposal with Nichole McDaneld.  Our water rates have to be at a certain rate to qualify for grants.  Council stated they would review and discuss at the February meeting.
  2. With moving forward on the storm drain issue, council advised Mick and Reling to go ahead an get engineer quotes on this project.


  1. The council appointed L. Wiese as a KMEA director and D. Bader as an alternate.
  2. Discussion was held on disposing of the City police vehicle and firearm.  Council asked if Clerk Mick would get the vehicle listed on the area buy and sale sites.  Further research would need to be done on the disposal of the fire arm. The police vehicle is to be listed for sale at $1,200.00.
  3. KRWA delegate and alternate were discussed (If no one was going to attend the conference, no delegate or alternate would be needed) No one showed interest in attending the annual conference.
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Derek Nester
Derek Nester
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