Lincoln County Commissioners – May 1, 2017

The regular meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners was held in the commission meeting room of the courthouse Monday, May 1, 2017. Chairman Al Joe Wallace Joe Wallace called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m. with Vice-Chairman Terry Finch and Member Alexis Pflugh present. County Clerk Dawn Harlow was in attendance.

Others present for portions of the meeting: Mona Gerstmann, Cynthia Nelson, Katy Black, Rod Tromble, Jeremy Wiebke, Jim Wiebke, Darrell Oetting, Howard Wehrman, Mike Weigel, Gerry Miller, Susan Marshall, Liz Winckler, Keith Yarnell, Mike Kratky, Jeannie Fern, Bev Fisher, Steve Schneider, Dwight Heller, Allan Serrien, John Grace, Christen Robinson, Kelly Larson, John Baetz and Jennifer O’Hare.

The chairman recessed the meeting to the basement meeting room at 8:02 a.m.

The chairman reconvened the meeting to regular session at 8:05 a.m.

The following correspondence was received: K-State University’s publication 2017 Lincoln County Fiscal Conditions & Trends; WEB fund recommendations for approval of grants; and Tumbleweed Interior Designs.

Terry Finch moved to approve and adopt the minutes of the April 24, 2017 regular meeting as corrected, seconded by Alexis Pflugh. Motion carried.

Terry Finch moved to approve and adopt the minutes of the April 28, 2017 regular meeting as presented, seconded by Al Joe Wallace. Motion carried. Voting as follows: Wallace – Aye;
Finch – Aye; and Pflugh-Abstained.

The board reviewed the WEB Fund committee’s recommendations for 2017 funding. Terry Finch moved to approve the WEB Fund Committee’s recommendations as presented and approved the following Windpower Economic Benefit fund distributions: Lincoln Area Chamber of Commerce, $1,200.00, to assist with Bike Across Kansas expenses; City of Barnard, $1,000.00, to assist with the Barnard Community Building upgrades; Lincoln Elementary School, $5,452.64, to upgrade water fountains to filtered drinking fountains and water bottle filling stations; and Lincoln County Historical Society, $2,000.00, to assist with the purchase of a computer, software and printer, seconded by Alexis Pflugh. Motion carried.

Al Joe Wallace moved to grant Kim Zickafoose a twenty-five cent per hour merit increase for the completion of the first of year of service, effective April 26, 2017, seconded by Terry Finch. Motion carried.

Commissioner Pflugh related that they have requested counsel on four separate issues that have not been addressed: two conflict of interests, WEB fund and nursing home; road closure and public referendum. Alexis Pflugh moved to seek counsel regarding conflict of interest between commissioners and Lincoln Park Manor concerning spending County dollars on this facility and business. Motion died for a lack of a second.

Alexis Pflugh moved to adopt an agenda based upon parliamentary procedure. Motion died for a lack of a second.

Alexis Pflugh moved to request County Counsel to attend commission meetings on a regular basis. Commissioner Finch asked that Pflugh define on regular basis. Commissioner Pflugh stated attend on a weekly basis. Motion died for a lack of second.

The following discussion was held about the County Counselor position: County Attorney is not compensated as County Counselor, whether the County Attorney is required to be the County Counselor; and K.S.A. 19-247 which defines the duties of the county counselor.

Sheriff Mike Weigel requested an executive session. Terry Finch moved to recess into executive session for fifteen minutes from 8:44 a.m. – 8:59 a.m. for the purpose of discussing personnel matters of non-elected personnel with Sheriff Mike Weigel and County Clerk Harlow present, seconded by Al Joe Wallace. Motion carried.

The chairman reconvened the meeting to regular session at 8:59 a.m.

Commissioner Pflugh forwarded concerns to Sheriff Weigel from residents within the Wilson Lake Estates, that they never see a Lincoln County deputy patrol their properties.

Director of Public Works Michel O’Hare with Road and Bridge Supervisor Robert Howe related that Stephen Weber has been transferred from a mechanic to a truck driver and requested that the board approve the status change and reduction in wages. Alexis Pflugh moved to reclassify Stephen Weber from Mechanic to Truck Driver, setting the hourly wage $13.05, effective April 26, 2017, seconded by Terry Finch. Motion carried. O’Hare inquired if there were any changes on the Road Maintenance Agreement with Steve Schneider. Terry Finch moved to enter into a Road Maintenance Agreement with Steven Schneider, seconded by Alexis Pflugh. Motion carried. The following topics were discussed: replacement options for the weld truck; fire in Sylvan Grove Rural Fire District that required highway department’s assistance with the removal and piling of trees; equipment; and a previous request from a landowner in the Wilson Lake Estates.

The board opened sealed bids for the mowing of six Lincoln County Abandoned Cemeteries Terry Finch moved to accept the bid to mow the six abandoned cemeteries from Don Howell in the amount of $1,200 per year, seconded by Alexis Pflugh. Motion carried.

Liz Winckler, Lincoln County Council on Aging presented the 2017 proposed budget for the department as well as the budgets for the Lincoln Senior Center and Sylvan Grove Senior Center.

Christen Robinson, Lincoln Park Manor & John Grace, Kansas Senior Living detailed areas that the floor tiles were cited in the 2015 and 2016 deficiency reports, relating that they cannot be guaranteed that if the State returns, that the facility will not be fined due to the fact that the time extension was granted through December 31, 2016 and that no work has been completed. Robinson suggested that they proceed with only replacing the tile and linoleum in the specific areas cited, which includes 7 entry ways, 4 bathrooms and the kitchen. The board approved Robinson obtaining bids to complete the tile and linoleum replacement.

The board approved allowing Chairman Wallace to contact Eric Johnson of Campbell & Johnson, Engineers P.A. to provide an update on the status of the nursing home plans.
With no further business to come before the board the chairman adjourned the meeting at 11:11 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. Monday, May 8, 2017 in the commission meeting room of the courthouse.

Derek Nester
Derek Nester
Derek Nester was born and raised in Blue Rapids and graduated from Valley Heights High School in 2000. He attended Cowley College in Arkansas City and Johnson County Community College in Overland Park studying Journalism & Media Communications. In 2002 Derek joined Taylor Communications, Inc. in Salina, Kansas working in digital media for 550 AM KFRM and 100.9 FM KCLY. Following that stop, he joined Dierking Communications, Inc. stations KNDY AM & FM as a board operator and fill-in sports play-by-play announcer. Starting in 2005 Derek joined the Kansas City Chiefs Radio Network as a Studio Coordinator at 101 The Fox in Kansas City, a role he would serve for 15 years culminating in the Super Bowl LIV Championship game broadcast. In 2020 he moved to Audacy, formerly known as Entercom Communications, Inc. and 106.5 The Wolf and 610 Sports Radio, the new flagship stations of the Kansas City Chiefs Radio Network, the largest radio network in the NFL. Through all of this, Derek continues to serve as the Digital Media Director for Sunflower State Radio, the digital and social media operations of Dierking Communications, Inc. and the 6 radio stations it owns and operates across Kansas.

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